About Our Structures

The Premier Choice For Your Building Needs
Our buildings are engineered, manufactured and quickly constructed with the highest structural integrity, and they are designed to conform to the International Building Code. Our 100% American-made fabric structures are even manufactured in our very own ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building, which is centrally located in Dyersville, Iowa.

We stand behind our work and promise you extraordinary customer care and service. We’re dedicated to providing buildings and structures of the highest quality, and you can count on us to cover your every building need – no matter the size or complexity of the project. Unlike other fabric structure companies, ClearSpan sells directly to our customers, ensuring that we have complete control of your project every step of the way.

You’ll find our process is well organized, efficient and customer focused, earning us many happy, repeat customers over the years. When working with ClearSpan, you will have the chance to interact with one of our Truss Arch Specialists, a highly qualified and experience team member, who will act as your representative throughout the entire purchasing process. They will help you identify you needs and goals, and then see to it that these are met according to your respective customizations and specifications.

After working with a Truss Arch Specialists, your customizations and requirements are given to our engineers, who transform your needs into a cohesive plan. Our engineers use sophisticated design software to create the perfect frame, which is then adjusted to fit building codes, wind- and snow-load requirements, and if projects require stamped engineered drawings, ClearSpan will work with a third-party, professional engineer that is licensed in the proper state.

Our manufacturing team is responsible for turning your Hercules Truss Arch Building from a drawing into a reality. They ensure that all structures meet the highest level of quality, following the engineers’ calculations and design specifications. The steel team custom cuts, bends and welds steel tubing into the trusses that will make up your frame, which is then outfitted with a precision-cut fabric or metal cover. The covers are carefully lined at the proper angle, ensuring a precise fit every time. Once the manufacturing process is complete, all components are safely packaged and readied for shipping.