Tennis Center Makeover Includes a New ClearSpan Building

May 3, 2018   

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) recently donated $35,000 to fund projects and programs at Hadley Park Tennis Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The facility’s current outdoor tennis courts have been publicly available for decades, but cracked concrete has made it costly to maintain. The generous donation will go towards resurfacing courts, obtaining new nets and windscreens and of course, a new ClearSpan tennis building. Superintendent of community programs, Sherry Hipps, said the upgrade will make Hadley Park one of the nicest facilities in the county.

The USTA promotes tennis in the United States with a special emphasis on recruiting young people into the sport. Hadley Park shares this goal, viewing tennis as a lifetime sport that people should learn at a young age, so they can use those skills for the rest of their lives.

The upgrade will allow Hadley Park to host more tournaments for high schools, colleges and their own community tennis programs. Current and future youth programs hosted by Hadley Park will also benefit from this program expansion.    

No matter the age or experience level of a tennis player, they are sure to enjoy practicing inside the bright, spacious atmosphere of the new ClearSpan indoor tennis building. ClearSpan fabric structures are completely free of internal support posts, resulting in high clearance and the maximum amount of useable space. Players never have to look around posts, columns or shadows to keep their eye on the ball.

In addition, ClearSpan’s white fabric covers filter sunlight to create a soft lighting that is easy on the eyes yet bright enough to illuminate the entire space. Abundant natural lighting simulates the feeling of being outdoors, with the comfort of being indoors. Another unique advantage a ClearSpan fabric building is the exceptional acoustics. Fabric walls absorb sound, reducing echoing and other distracting noises. The natural lighting coupled with the pleasant acoustics make for an ideal tennis facility that can be enjoyed all year-round.  

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