Take a Look at These New ClearSpan Fabric Structures

June 26, 2018   

ClearSpan is always following up with our customers. Check out these videos that our team shot of some recently completed projects. Don’t forget that quotes are always free, and if you Request a Quote before the end of the month, you can take advantage of our current sale, which offers 10% OFF any structure and FREE SHIPPING.

ClearSpan Recycling Buildings – Columbia County Solid Waste

Keeping recycled goods dry is essential, so Columbia Country Solid Waste uses this ClearSpan Round HD Building to cover their recycled materials. This ultra-durable building provides year-round protection and features an open end wall for easy access. Watch Video

Commercial Storage Buildings – Industrial Pipe Specialists, Inc.

ClearSpan buildings the finest commercial storage building as Industrial Pipe Specialists, Inc. has learned. The structures in this video are used to store pipe and other materials, and each building provides plenty of height and space to meet the company’s storage requirements. Watch Video

ClearSpan Fabric Warehouse Building – Swarco

This ClearSpan Gable HD Building is the ideal warehousing solution. Swarco is able to stake their goods as high as they want, and the absence of internal support posts allows equipment to be easily maneuvered within the structure. Watch Video

ClearSpan Manufacturing Facility – Oilfield Steel Supply

This ClearSpan structure creates the perfect manufacturing facility. With plenty of space and natural ventilation, this structure is both safe and enjoyable to be in. Watch Video

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