Stay Ahead of Cold Weather with ClearSpan

Sept. 18, 2017   

Winter’s harsh chill is fast approaching, and leaving livestock or industrial materials outside can often result in profit loss for many businesses. Constructing a building in time for harsh winter months can help businesses protect their product and operate without interference from a testy Mother Nature. Timing is everything and snowy months are just around the corner, so it is best to get a building prepared before the cold front hits. There are many reasons why constructing before winter can improve business, including avoiding risky weather extremes and the creating a business that is profitable year-round.

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Why Build Now?

There is so much that can be accomplished within a protected environment during wintery conditions. Building in the fall leaves business owners plenty of time for making the most of the cold season and starting new projects, like scheduling necessary veterinary visits or beginning maintenance on machinery, regardless of the whims of weather.

A major reason to begin construction soon, is that it helps create a seamless transition into the facility before inclement weather slows down an operation, leaving livestock or industrial materials out in the cold. Moving loose materials or livestock to an indoor structure can be a process in itself. Building in the fall allows businesses time to transition into a building, and construction is easier for crews before winter, permitting enough time for design, site preparation, delivery and installation.

Benefits of Indoor Facilities

An indoor facility is an invaluable tool for the agricultural industry and protects workers, livestock and loose materials from weather damage. Many in the agricultural field find that working inside of a ClearSpan structure is both beneficial to the quality of their work and the overall health of livestock. Keeping straw or hay bedding dry can minimize the formation of bacteria and mold that can lead to health risks, and veterinary visits never need to be rescheduled to accommodate weather patterns.

In addition to the agricultural industry, many industries, like waste management or the asphalt recycling, industry find that damage from rain and extreme temperatures produce a lower quality end-product, resulting in loss of time and profit. Providing a safe work environment and protecting materials from bad weather improves operations and helps businesses to increase production quality, which results in a more profitable model.

ClearSpan Buildings

ClearSpan Structures not only come with industry-leading designs and quality materials, but while many other buildings can take months or even up to a year to construct, these buildings take a matter of weeks from concept to completion. Best of all, ClearSpan Truss Arch Specialists are on staff to answer any questions for specific operations and can help design the ideal building for any budget.

With October around the corner, the next couple of months are vital to preparing for the upcoming season. Keep industrial materials guarded and dry by beginning construction before winter rears its nasty head. For any business, ensure lasting success, a healthy environment and watch as the benefits of a ClearSpan Structure unfold before you.

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