Real Business Solutions for Marine Industry

May 17, 2017   

The ice has melted in most places around the country, and it is time to move from the fireplace to the water’s edge. Many boat owners are waxing and cleaning, so that they are ready to sail as soon as the weather allows. Regardless of your climate, ClearSpan Fabric Structures are a great way to set a business apart from local competition, provide a dependable service space for customers and keep any boat or marine business safe from the harshest conditions.

The marine industry has multiple needs for covered buildings throughout the season. Repairs and maintenance are some of the largest demands for an indoor space. Modifying, converting and repairing everything from shipping vessels to small boats are a handful of jobs in this industry that require a safe, protected, dry space for weeks or months at a time.

For folks like Chuck Jenkins, damaging weather can be a predominant force to reckon with throughout the year. He owns Jenkins Welding Boat Repair in Southeast Alaska, which Welding has been in business for over 25 years. Jenkins Welding works on repairing massive fishing vessels which contribute to Alaska’s major fishing culture. The company serves fisherman and boat owners of all sizes and types. “We provide the marine industry with custom-designed and constructed fuel tanks, top houses, aluminum bulwarks, decks and rigging, as well as small boat building.” The closest covered facility to repair boats is almost 700 miles away from Jenkins’ business, and adding a ClearSpan structure allowed Chuck to provide a dependable and efficient service to his community that would otherwise not exist.

Jenkins was impressed with the quality of the fabric cover. “It gives us a badly needed dry work space. The fabric cover lets in natural light, and we have had high winds and no problems,” said Jenkins about his fabric structure. Jenkins’ business requires that a building must not only have enough space for the fishing fleets, but room for equipment and workers to work comfortably. The wide open space provided by the structure has benefitted the business. With high clearances, Jenkins can work on a number of larger boats. The structure also doesn’t have any support posts, so boats can be placed anywhere within the structure and workers can move freely.

ClearSpan offers affordable building solutions that can meet local requirements and come with customizable building and foundation options. Adding a fabric structure to a marine business can help lower costs of using traditional buildings by reducing costly artificial lighting and avoiding expensive excavation costs of traditional foundations. This means more energy, time and money can be geared toward increasing your customer base and annual profits.

With benefits like these, ClearSpan Fabric Structures should be a confident choice for marine businesses.