Pickleball Courts Protected by a ClearSpan Fabric Structure

September 19, 2019

ClearSpan fabric structures have already been used in a variety of applications across dozens of industries, but their use in athletic and recreational applications is on the rise. As operations throughout the country take advantage of the benefits of ClearSpan fabric structures, they continue to prove valuable for sports and outdoor events

The Opelika Sportsplex, an expansive, $32 million recreation facility based in Alabama, needed a way to accommodate their growing pickleball player base. Enthusiasts of the sport approached Opelika Parks and Recreation Director Sam Bailey with the idea of expanding the facility’s singular pickleball court, hoping to meet the rising interest of both residents and visitors.

After meeting with the City Manager and making plans to construct twelve new courts, Bailey required a solution that would allow players to participate in their beloved sport year-round, regardless of weather. After discovering ClearSpan online, Bailey began to explore using fabric structures to cover the Sportsplex’s new pickleball facility.

In an interview published by WLTZ First News, Bailey showcases the twelve covered courts and explains why he chose ClearSpan. Check out a video of the interview here.

After visiting a Virginia tennis facility protected by ClearSpan fabric buildings, Bailey determined that the unique structures would be perfect to cover the Sportsplex’s new pickleball courts. “When we decided to cover them, it really set us apart. There’s no other place in the United States that we’re aware of that has twelve covered outdoor courts,” Bailey said.

Players have access to the facility 24/7, regardless of inclement weather, thanks to the protective environment created by the ClearSpan building. The structure’s fabric cover uses natural sunlight to create a bright environment during the day, while also helping to keep players cool during intense heat. With construction completed and the facility now open to the public, Bailey highlighted the incredible response from the existing player base and new players alike.

“We’ve had visitors from all of the country so far and we’ve only been open a month, “ Bailey said, “We’ve had so much positive response, and the numbers in our club have grown exponentially.”

ClearSpan’s fabric structures have been used to cover equestrian arenas, football fields and many other athletic facilities, and The Opelika Sportsplex is a welcome addition to the growing list of operations that are using ClearSpan structures to train, play and compete in any condition.

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