ClearSpan Monoslope Building: A Traditional Solution

March 8, 2017   

Providing cattle with a healthy, comfortable and productive space is imperative to any beef or dairy business. Adding a beneficial cattle building to your property can improve herd quality on any operation. ClearSpan’s Monoslope Building is a simple addition to any cattle operation, and like all ClearSpan buildings, can achieve multiple functions. Choosing ClearSpan’s Monoslope Structure can help you create a protected space for you and your herd this season and years to come.

Design Benefits

The simple and thoughtful design of the Monoslope Building creates a natural, but controlled environment for you and your cattle to thrive.

ClearSpan structures are built with excellent quality materials and industry-leading warranties. The frame comes with a 50 year warranty ensuring a long life for the herd’s home. Monoslope Buildings feature a sloped roof with a 14’ tall back eave and an opened front ranging from a height of 25’ to 30’ 8”. The taller side should face south and the building should run east to west to allow the sunlight to warm the building in the winter and create shade on hot summer days.

The front of the building features a 20’ wide feeding aisle and an inside aisle that allows the herd to be transported and cleaned easily, while still allowing room for vehicles and equipment to move around. One of the greatest benefits of the Monoslope is the design, which allows space for cattle sorting and vet visits. It also creates a fresh air flow and healthy atmosphere for livestock and workers. The back wall has an adjustable curtain to permit necessary ventilation and protection from nasty weather.

The structure offers various floor options, including solid or slotted floors. The slotted floor option has a manure pit which can limit labor and bedding cost. On the other hand, the solid flooring option comes with an extra 20’ area for manure storage. Either way, the Monoslope building is designed to be easily maintained.

A Practical Solution for Runoff

One major problem faced by cattle herds is the runoff and dilution of manure in outdoor fields. Sloped cattle buildings employ a beneficial design that protects and directs rain water away from manure. Rainwater will dilute nutrients found in manure. Manure that is has been covered is generally higher in nutrients than manure from an open field.  If using dried manure in fields as a nutritional amendment to soil, keep in mind that with a ClearSpan Monoslope Building, manure will be higher in nutritional value than if left outdoors. Not only will rainwater dilute the nutrients in the manure , it will make it much more difficult to clean up once it has been hard packed by rain.

Because the monoslope design eliminates surface run-off, this building is environmentally beneficial and can often be funded by conservation programs. Additional savings can come when this practice significantly lowers the use of commercial fertilizers.

 Truss Arch Specialists

ClearSpan buildings come with the consultation of Truss Arch Specialists to help first-time customers navigate the numerous benefits of working with ClearSpan and the many structural options they provide. ClearSpan manufactures each Monoslope Building at the Dyersville, Iowa campus. Specialists can help customers through the design process, obtain the proper documents to meet building codes and set up a time for ClearSpan’s crew to install the structure.