ClearSpan Indoor Tennis Facilities

July 5, 2017   

ClearSpan has a variety of options for Racquet Clubs to choose the perfect indoor facility. Combating extreme heat or rainfall during summer months can limit time spent on the court. For many reasons, ClearSpan’s fabric structures provide a superior experience to players and business owners.

An ideal indoor tennis court is comfortable, clean and has ambient lighting that doesn’t blind players. Unlike traditional buildings, ClearSpan structures do not require any additional daytime lighting, as the transluscent fabric allows in sunlight that is soft on the eyes, but keeps players protected from oppressive heat.

When Cape Henry Tennis in Virginia Beach, VA wanted to cover two tennis courts, owner Darryl Cummings found the decision to choose ClearSpan Fabric Structures to be a simple choice. Having 20 years of experience studying tension fabrics and personal experience as a professional player, Cummings became a fantastic authority for just this topic, which business owners and athletes alike can trust.

Cape Henry Tennis was losing money from having to cancel classes due to inclement weather. With his background as a player and having studied fabric structures, Cummings knew that his clay courts needed a more natural feeling, which the translucent fabric provided. Natural light eliminates the need for daytime fluorescent lighting, which is a concern for many traditionally designed buildings. In addition to the naturally bright interior, ClearSpan’s response for requested quotes is prompt, making the transaction and design process run more smoothly than the competition. Cummings says, “ClearSpan can make your project very efficient. The design skills of sales representatives and project managers was clear when I was able to get guidance with a couple quick e-mails back and forth.”

Cummings put ClearSpan above over a dozen other tension fabric structure companies. “Sixteen different companies sent site work and information. ClearSpan was the only company to send the most comprehensible quote, providing a cost-effective solution,” said Cummings.

ClearSpan’s fabric structures are made from durable, recyclable materials, which makes these buildings more affordable than traditional buildings. Fabric covers help to keep out oppressive summer heat and maintain warmth in the deep freeze of winter. These structures also have much longer lives in comparison to conventional structures. All buildings come with a 50 year warranty for the steel frames and a 20 year warranty for fabric covers.

The structures come with multiple foundation options to suit particular business needs. Though ClearSpan buildings can be permanent, they are considered temporary structures that can be moved at any time. This quality also helps owners avoid costly excavation jobs and time consuming regulatory digging or building approval.

Adding a fabric structure to create an indoor tennis court helps businesses address profit loss because of poor weather cancellations, while remaining cost efficient. Create a comfortable and beautiful space for players with a ClearSpan fabric structure. ClearSpan Truss Arch Specialists will help design and tailor fabric structures for any size job. Contact our team today, to request a quote or design the ideal indoor tennis facility.

Contributed by Amanda Williams