ClearSpan Contributes to POWER Magazine

August 9, 2019   

POWER Magazine recently published a ClearSpan article that offers a fresh perspective on power plant efficiency and design. Although many sites are constructed with conventional brick-and-mortar or wood buildings, fabric structures are another economical option to consider. ClearSpan structures provide many advantages for users, such as versatility and durability, while saving on costs and construction time.

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The article features ClearSpan customers Proton Power and Nuark Warehouse Logistics to showcase their fabric structures and the unique set of features the buildings provide each company. Both have found great success under the coverage of their ClearSpan structure within the energy industry.

Fabric buildings offer the innovation and creativity that is an important part of facility planning and design. These structures are considered temporary, making them mobile around sites or to different locations, while remaining sturdy enough to use permanently. Their mobility, in addition to their endless customization options and applications, make them ideal for configuring power plants in the most efficient way.

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