Choctaw Transportation Protects Aggregate Limestone with ClearSpan

May 24, 2019   

Construction companies have the potential to utilize ClearSpan fabric buildings for many different applications. Whether they are used for aggregate coverage, equipment storage or to create a sheltered work area, they can certainly provide invaluable help.  Fabric structures are a reliable coverage solution with a significantly less initial cost than traditional buildings, which makes them a smart investment.

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After purchasing a Hercules Truss Arch Building in early 2018, Choctaw Transportation saw an increase in operational efficiency. The construction company opted for the structure to protect aggregate limestone piles form the unpredictable weather, keeping them in good condition and ready for use. Choctaw Transportation didn’t want to see their potential profits washed away with the rain. Sheltering aggregate piles allowed the company to save time and money, while increasing productivity, which is something every company strives for.

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