ClearSpan Quick Build Poly Buildings

ClearSpan Poly Buildings provide a versatile fabric building solution at an economical price point. These structures come in a wide range of sizes and styles, so whether customers need a residential shed or commercial storage building, there’s an ideal Poly Building. The ClearSpan Poly Building features stock designs, so there’s no lengthy design process, allowing them to ship quickly.

The ClearSpan Poly Building Advantage includes:

  • Simple, effective designs – Low cost per square foot
  • Quick shipping – Easy installation
  • Durable fabric cladding – Including ClearSpan’s 12.5 oz, rip-stop fabric
  • Strong, single cord frame – Strong, cost-effective
  • Natural lighting – No need for artificial lighting
  • Versatile designs – Use for just about any application

Some of our most popular designs:

When compared to ClearSpan’s standard truss arch structures, the Poly Building boasts a simplified design. This allows customers to get a building quickly, and when they need it most. The ultra-sturdy metal frame comes in a number of gauges, depending on the kind of building, and creates a sturdy base for the structure.

Poly Buildings come with a number of fabric cladding options. One of which is ClearSpan’s famed 12.5 oz., rip-stop fabric cladding. This cladding allows natural light to filter through, creating a well-lit interior that is easy to work in. This cladding is woven to prevent rips. Even if a small tear occurs, the weave stops it from spreading, so it doesn’t become an issue. Some of ClearSpan’s designs feature darker fabrics that have a skylight at the peak, which also allows natural light to filter through. This allows customers to have a dark colored building, but still take advantage of the natural lighting.

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