Commercial Building for Rent

ClearSpan offers a streamlined building rental solution for when you need a structure quickly and temporarily.

A short-term commercial building for rent can be difficult to find, but when businesses and operations need a building rental or tent rental, they call ClearSpan. ClearSpan rents their famed I-Beam Buildings to businesses and operations of all types, so users know they’re getting a structure of the highest quality and durability. This is a great solution for operations in need of temporary storage or workspace, and in many municipalities these buildings are exempt from tax laws.

A ClearSpan building rental is available in a number of sizes, which include widths of 30’, 45’ and 60’ and lengths up to 500’. These structures are rented on a monthly basis, so operations don’t have to worry about overpaying for a temporary structure. A commercial building for rent from ClearSpan can also be outfitted with all the necessary building accessories, like HVAC, lighting, flooring, offices, restrooms, racking and much more. Where these buildings really separate themselves is in the fact that they can be built just about anywhere. With versatile foundation options, a building or tent rental can be mounted on any site safely and securely.

The ClearSpan Commercial Building for Rent Advantage Includes:

  • Quick Rental Process – In-house installation
  • Affordable, money-saving option – Keep building as long as necessary
  • Customize for operational needs – Outfit with required accessories and equipment
  • Build just about anywhere – Versatile foundation solutions
  • Natural lighting – Reduce electrical requirements
  • Maximum usable space – Clear span design, no internal posts
  • Climate-sensitive covers – Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer
  • Natural ventilation – Fresh atmospheres

The Finest Building Solution for Rent

Whether more space is needed for manufacturing, storage, offices or anything else, ClearSpan can provide the right building rental solution to any business. ClearSpan’s rentals feature a gable I-beam frame with a fabric cover.

The frame is made from primed steel, ensuring the structural integrity and durability of the building. The frame for these buildings provides an eave that is 12’ in height and creates a 4/12 roof pitch.

The fabric cover eliminates need for artificial daytime lighting by allowing the sun’s light to shine through, creating a bright, well-lit atmosphere that lacks shadows. The fabric covers are climate sensitive and actually help to keep the interior cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Besides providing an energy-efficient, money-saving option, ClearSpan’s fabric covers are extremely strong and can be trusted to house expensive assets.

From the beginning of the tent rental process to the end, a ClearSpan Building Specialist can make sure all customers are provided with the perfect temporary fabric building solution. ClearSpan Building Specialists work with customers one-on-one during the rental process, so they not only meet, but exceed any needs. With years of invaluable, industry-specific knowledge, they can answer any questions about any project.

Call or Request a Quote today to speak with one of ClearSpan’s Building Specialists about your rental.