Wilk Sealing and Firewood

Challenge – Lack of storage space due to increased demand
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 65′ wide x 60′ long
Application – Dry storage of processed firewood

Wilk Sealing and Firewood was originally an asphalt paving and seal coating business located in central Vermont. The company’s owner, Chris Wilk, has been in the paving business for as long as he can remember, so he knew that during the winter months, business was much slower. In order to bring in some extra money during this slow period, Wilk added a firewood portion to his business a few years ago. He had no idea how much that part of the business would grow. Wilk says, “The demand for firewood has grown due to the constantly escalating prices in our petroleum market. To help meet this demand, we keep increasing our firewood production.” Of course, this increase in production meant more storage space was needed for the processed wood.

The company had a few enclosed tin carports, but as Wilk notes, “They soon became too small and cumbersome. We needed a large open area with a clear span and height.” Wilk browsed the web and came across the ClearSpan website in his search for more storage space. He explains, “I did my research. ClearSpan had the best product at a fair price.” He purchased a 65′ wide by 60′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building to store the processed firewood.

Since purchasing the ClearSpan structure, Wilk couldn’t be happier. He says, “I love the size of the building. I can pile firewood 20 feet high with a loader and a dump truck and not worry about hitting the roof.” Wilk is not only pleased with the final product, but he found the installation process enjoyable as well. “It was easy to assemble with the illustrated manual. If I did have a question, the ClearSpan staff was only a phone call away. The building is well engineered and even handled Tropical Storm Irene with no damage, while my neighbor’s roof was blown off his business.”

Wilk was surprised that the building is not only great for storage, but helps save on advertising costs as well. “The storage facility sits 200 feet away from a major business road. Being the largest and brightest structure in the area, it gets a lot of attention. Now we don’t have to advertise as much. People can’t miss the building and the huge pile of firewood when driving by.” Overall, Wilk says the building is working out excellent, but adds, “The only thing I wish I did differently is add another 20 feet to the length. But that’s the great thing about these buildings, I can always add more on!” He concludes, “Don’t waste your time looking for a better product for the price. You just won’t find one.”

For more on Wilk Sealing and Firewood and their ClearSpan building, contact Chris Wilk at wilky29@aol.com.