The Klodts

Challenge – Winter weather limiting riding
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 83′ wide x 135′ long
Application – Indoor riding arena and horse barn

During the winter months, especially in cold, snowy areas, many equestrians find that their riding time becomes limited. To beat the weather, Pat and Rebecca Klodt decided to get an indoor riding arena so Rebecca could work with her horses throughout the winter.

Beginning their search with traditional metal and wood structures, the Klodts weren’t satisfied with any of their options. “We knew someone with a metal building,” Pat says, “and they had to insulate it and add lighting,” which would become expensive. After pricing out a 60′ by 80′ pole barn, Pat and Rebecca needed to seriously consider the cost for the size. “If the pole barn wasn’t big enough for what Rebecca wanted to do with it, we would have wasted a lot of money,” he explains.

Determined to find a cost-effective building large enough for Rebecca’s needs, they saw an advertisement for ClearSpan Fabric Structures and, after speaking with a representative, found that an 83′ wide by 135′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building was their best choice. “It has the size and room that we require and it was a nice, clean installation” Pat says. “It works really well for the type of work that my wife does with the horses. With the width of the building, my wife is able to not only ride her horses, but also use a cart.”

Along with room for riding, the arena has added a lot of storage space to their property. “We installed in our building five 10′ by 10′ stalls, one tack room and a 12′ by 12′ wash rack in front of the 12′ roll-up door. We also use the space above the stalls as hay storage,” Pat describes.

Working in the building is a joy for Rebecca and Pat. “You can’t beat the light; the cover allows in great daytime lighting which makes it feel like you are outside. It’s wonderful, there are no shadows,” Pat explains. “At night, the cover helps reflect light downwards.” The Klodts were also surprised at how well their indoor arena retains heat during the winter. Pat recalls, “It was around 5˚ below zero outside and we could tell it was noticeably warmer when we went in the building.” He notes that the 15′ green trim on each end of the building provides ambient heat from the sun as well.

Pat and Rebecca are happy with their choice of a ClearSpan Fabric Structure over any other type of building. Pat says, “Everyone that has come inside has loved the building.”

For more information on how ClearSpan helped the Klodts, contact Pat Klodt at 330.935.2105.