Technical Weighing Services, Inc.

Challenge – Spacious storage area protected from inclement weather
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 55′ wide x 100′ long
Application – Storage for heavy-duty weighing equipment

Technical Weighing Services, Inc. engineers, manufactures and installs weighing systems, in-motion crane scales, roll force measurement systems and strip tensions for the steel industry throughout the United States and international markets. The company provides a variety of solutions ranging from repairs and replacements of load cells, to material handling solutions and weighing systems.

At their manufacturing location and corporate office in Griffith, IN, Senior Project Manager and Service Manager Skip Gasche is in charge of overseeing many of the company’s processes and projects. When the company decided that they needed a storage building for their equipment, they turned to Gasche to find the appropriate structure. Gasche says, “Our materials were previously being stored outside, where they were exposed to undesirable weather conditions and took up valuable space in our asphalt parking lots.” The company needed a spacious, yet cost-effective structure to house their products.

Coincidentally, Gasche knew just where to turn for the ideal building. He explains, “Having done some farming in the past, I had placed several orders with one of ClearSpan’s affiliate companies. Now, several years later, catalogs keep hitting our mailbox and I have always kept a copy in my office. After I did some research on fabric structures and looked at a few that were in rural areas, I told the owner of our company that this type of building would be practical for our application. After he conducted some research of his own, he decided a ClearSpan building was the best fit for the company.”

The company is thrilled with the cost-effectiveness, ease of installation and fast turnaround process from the time of order to delivery. Excitedly, Gasche states, “The cost per square foot is so reasonable that there is no reason not to get all of the extra space you could need. It is a very easy process, not only to purchase, but to erect as well.”

The attractiveness of their ClearSpan building has drawn the attention of nearby observers. As Gasche explains, “Our building has been affectionately nicknamed the ‘Superdome,’ and grabs the attention of many onlookers. The cars on the nearby road even hit their breaks to slow down and look at the building.”

The company eagerly looks forward to their future goals involving their building. “Given that this structure was set up as temporary, it has given us the flexibility not only to meet our short-term storage goals, but also help us in developing our long-term plans for the site. It gives us the opportunity to relocate it elsewhere on the property in the future to serve as a permanent storage solution,” Gasche says.

The entire company is extremely satisfied with their ClearSpan storage building. Gasche happily declares, “We have referred several people to the company and have allowed several more to come and see our building. ClearSpan has a great product.”

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