Stony Brook Manufacturing Company

Challenge – Expansion
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 45′ wide x 100′ long
Application – Manufacturing and steel fabrication

When Stony Brook Manufacturing Company needed to expand their production space, they didn’t have to think twice about what kind of building would be ideal for their operations. “We know steel, and we knew the ClearSpan building would work great for us,” says company president, Graham Scaife.

“We noticed the Hercules Truss Arch Buildings in one of ClearSpan’s affiliate companies’ catalogs. The catalog did a great job of explaining the structure. We were looking for a well-engineered, inexpensive building that could handle snow loads and go up quickly. The building we bought has performed just the way the catalog described it. The engineering is well done. It was fast to construct. Snow has never been a problem. We couldn’t be happier,” explains Scaife.

Established in 1992, Stony Brook Manufacturing makes signal poles, traffic supports, structures, cable rails and custom fences and gates out of steel and aluminum pipes for New York area contractors.

A team of 11 associates manufacture, finish and paint onsite. According to Scaife, the ClearSpan building has made production go much easier. He explains that since they purchased it, “fabrication has speeded up, largely because there is so much more floor space. The benefit is clear—production has increased. It is 60% higher per month.”

“We love it,” he says. “There’s no need for daytime lighting, the cost is good, the clear open span is unbeatable. The ClearSpan building is a good deal.”

For more on how ClearSpan helped Stony Brook Manufacturing, give Graham Scaife a call at 631.369.9530.