Stanley Pond Adventure Farm

Challenge – Having a dry, shaded area for outdoor activities
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 65′ wide x 80′ long
Application – Shaded play area and horse riding

Just north of Orlando in the town of Astatula, Florida resides Stanley Pond Adventure Farm, an outdoor entertainment farm that offers an array of activities for children and their families. What started out as a small tree farm in 1993 grew to become a prominent adventure destination by 2011. Since then, Stanley Pond has been featured as one of the most extraordinary places to visit in Lake County.

Some outdoor activities that Stanley Pond offers include catch and release fishing, air boating, tricycle riding, tractor rides, super slides, horse riding and what the farm calls “Jack’s Jumping Pillow”. The pillow is a giant blow up area that children can jump on, similar to a bouncy house. It’s so large that 50 kids can jump on it at one time, making it one of the most popular attractions at the farm.

In 2010 owner Bob Denis realized that because of the hot and humid climate in Florida, the jumping pillow and horse riding area were going to need some type of covering. While Denis was on a visit in Iowa, fellow farmers expressed their positive experience with their ClearSpan buildings. He then made the jump and purchased a 65′ wide by 80′ long Truss Arch Building.

Airflow played a crucial role in the purchase of their structure. “The open air and circulation you get from the structure is great. There’s so much room for the horses, and there haven’t been any mildew issues,” said Denis. He also added that he enjoyed how simple the install was. His daughter and him erected the building themselves and described it as an easy, smooth process.

What’s most notable about the Stanley Pond structure is that it’s been through six hurricanes and hasn’t experienced a single rip or any other structural damage. This past year they experienced their biggest storm yet. Denis explained, “Hurricane Irma was a direct hit through Orlando, and it blew down other structures on our property, but not our ClearSpan structure. It’s just a strong structure and we’ve had no problems”.

On top of durability, the structure is cost-effective and affordable. “It’s the most economical shade structure you can get with the most strength. It’s extremely low maintenance and we haven’t had to do anything since the install back in 2010.”

For more information on Stanley Pond Adventure Farm and their ClearSpan structure, call Bob Denis at 321.228.7608.