Sandy Ridge Farms

Challenge – Lack of indoor space for riding and livestock housing
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 65′ wide x 160′ long
Application – Indoor arena, livestock housing, offices and storage

On a small hobby farm it is important to efficiently use all the available space, as well as get the most for your money. Sara Taylor, of Sandy Ridge Farms, took both of these things into consideration when choosing a structure to house her animals and act as an indoor riding arena. Sandy Ridge Farms is home to a herd of calves, quarter and paint horses, chickens and is also a boarding and lesson facility in a smaller capacity. Before finding a building, Taylor explains, “We didn’t have any indoor space other than a couple of lean-tos.”

In order to keep riding year round and provide the animals with a warm environment that is protected from the elements, Taylor began researching structure options. She says, “We heard about ClearSpan through FarmTek, their affiliate company. We bought a small hoop barn from them a few years ago and were very happy with it. We chose a Hercules Truss Arch Building because there are endless possibilities for it. It is so bright and open. Also, we liked the height for hay storage and clearance in the indoor arena. In the indoor, I wanted a lot of height so that if we get a boarder who ropes, they would have room to do so. It is also great to have the loft above the stalls.”

Taylor continues, “We currently use the building for livestock housing, an indoor arena, a chicken coop, an office with a bathroom and washer and dryer, a tack room and storage for hay, among other things. We love the light that comes through the cover. It has really helped us save on electricity. The white cover also lets in plenty of heat so it is comfortable to work in during our Michigan winters.” She adds, “I also really like the height of the building. It makes it easy to work on things and maneuver equipment around the structure without hitting the rafters.”

Taylor also found some surprise benefits of her ClearSpan building. “Our animals are staying healthier due to all of the natural sunlight. We also ended up using the indoor to keep some horses inside over the winter due to injury or convenience.” She shares, “Even my husband found a surprise benefit. He set up his bow stand in there and shoots targets. He and his friends think it’s the greatest! Now they can shoot all winter long.” Taylor concludes, “I am very happy with the way the building turned out. I would definitely buy another one if we need another barn. This is a great structure for the money and you won’t be disappointed!”