RWS Custom Homes

Challenge – Screening and delivering topsoil regardless of weather
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 65′ wide x 100′ long
Application – Topsoil storage

RWS Custom Homes, founded by Bob and Sally Shuster, is a family run business that develops land and builds residential homes in their community. Founded in 1988, the company continues to be one of the biggest land developers in the area and specializes in beautiful backyards to go along with their home designs.

As a result of developing land, the business consistently had large quantities of topsoil that they paid to have removed from different sites. In 2017, they decided to turn this into a business opportunity, and purchased a screener to start selling screened topsoil.

At the recommendation of a friend who had worked with ClearSpan in the past, Bob Shuster sought out a fabric structure that would resolve his storage needs. In the end, he decided to purchase a 65′ wide by 100′ long Round HD Building as a solution. Since acquiring his ClearSpan building, Shuster says it has worked out great for his business. “We don’t have to use tarps or plastic to cover soil anymore. It’s also 37′ high, so we can load tri axles with soil inside,” he said. The business is now also able to deliver topsoil regardless of weather conditions.

A smooth construction process and the ability to talk to a ClearSpan engineer throughout the building’s assembly made Shuster feel confident about his decision. With the help of their new fabric structure, RWS Custom Homes isn’t held back by rain and wet ground conditions any longer, and they can expand on their already flourishing business.

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