Ross Farms

Challenge – Finding a storage facility they could self install
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 100′ wide x 195′ long
Application – Corn storage

Operating on 4,000 acres, Ross Farms is run by the Ross brothers, Bill, Gary and Ken, and their wives. Primarily a grain operation, they also grow corn and soybeans. While more than half of their corn is stored in bins on the property, the rest was put into commercial flat storage. To eliminate the expense of renting commercial space, as well as add a versatile storage building to the farm, the family decided to install a new structure on their property.

After visiting fabric structures in their area and experiencing the daytime interior brightness, they knew that this type of building was the best choice. Bill says, “The light is just fantastic compared to pole buildings. You can’t get enough lights in a pole building to compare to a fabric structure even on a cloudy day.”

The family approached several fabric structure manufacturers and decided on a 100′ wide by 195′ long ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building. “We chose ClearSpan because it is an American company,” Bill explains. He continues, “I have been impressed with every person that I have been in contact with, from my National Account Manager to the people I met when I visited the manufacturing facility in Iowa.” One of their main requirements in choosing a structure was the capability to install it themselves. Bill says, “I’m really pleased with the installation process. The blueprints were good and whenever I called in with questions, I always spoke to someone who was knowledgeable.”

Bill notes that the ClearSpan structure is a great addition to the farm. “We especially like the high clearance and easy access,” he says. “There isn’t anything to slow down loading corn in and out—dump trucks can easily drive in and dump inside, and we can load corn in with a wheel loader without worrying about hitting the trusses.” The versatility of the structure is another benefit for the Ross family. “In the winter, when we’re not storing corn we can ride our horses in the building. We’re also storing equipment in it,” Bill explains.

For more information on Ross Farms and their ClearSpan structure, call Bill Ross at 815.541.1709.