Rosebud Horse Bedding, Incorporated

Challenge – Loss of product storage space
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 60′ wide x 100′ long
Application – Stall bedding storage

Rosebud Horse Bedding, Inc. in Grangeville, ID manufactures horse stall shavings to sell to feed stores, horse boarding facilities and ranches throughout the western United States. They are located on the same piece of land as a lumber mill, and for years had been using one of the mill’s large buildings to store their finished product. When the mill found a use for that building, Rosebud Horse Bedding President John Bennett had to quickly find a new storage space for his shavings.

Bennett started looking into different structures and decided a portable building was the best option for his company. After finding ClearSpan Fabric Structures on the web, Bennett realized a Hercules Truss Arch Building was the ideal choice. He explains, “I looked at other comparable buildings, but ClearSpan’s marketing materials were far superior. I was convinced by the pictures and testimonials I found on their website.”

Bennett purchased a 60′ wide by 100′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building and is pleased with his decision. He says, “The building performs exactly as I had envisioned.” He now has his own space to store inventory on site. The cost of the building also impressed Bennett. He continues, “The price per square foot for this storage space was less than half of that of a wood or metal structure.”

ClearSpan’s installation crew left a long-lasting impression on Bennett after the install process. He notes, “ClearSpan did an excellent job of providing the necessary information for us to ready the site. When the crew arrived, they were well prepared. If the site supervisor recognized an issue, he dealt with it promptly and at no charge to us. We appreciated the fact that he never cut corners.” Overall, Bennett is happy with the entire process as well as the final product, stating, “The building is excellent with no problems at all.”

For more on Rosebud Horse Bedding, Inc. and their ClearSpan structure, contact John Bennett at 208.983.4745.