Rogers Group, Inc.

Challenge – Off-season covered storage of product
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 55′ wide x 150′ long
Application – Bulk storage for aggregate limestone material

Rogers Group, Inc. provides the construction, aggregate and road building industries with crushed stone, sand and gravel, asphalt paving and road construction services. With headquarters in Tennessee and facilities in six additional states, the company provides these services to customers across the southeastern United States.

One of their facilities, located in Oak Ridge, TN, was in need of a structure to allow year-round storage of their aggregate lime product, which is only used by customers during spring and fall. This crusted stone substance is used for a variety of applications, but the main focus of the company’s use of the agricultural lime is for fertilizer in farming. “The material must be covered or rain will wash it away. In the past we had no structure at all, so we weren’t able to store it for future sales,” explains Division Production Manager Ronny Buttrum.

The Department of Transportation makes up a vast number of Rogers Group, Inc.’s customers, so they listened when these customers repeatedly suggested ClearSpan Fabric Structures as an ideal solution for their building needs. Buttrum explains, “We decided to go with a fabric structure instead of a traditional wood or metal structure based on the numerous recommendations we received from our customers.”

The company chose a Hercules Truss Arch Building for their storage facility and they are thrilled with the design of the building. “The size is more than adequate. We have been able to store more product than we had initially anticipated,” says Buttrum. He continues, “We also love how the fabric cover reduces heat in the summer to keep the inside cool and how the white color helps keep the interior bright.”

“Our ClearSpan building has proved to be an excellent value. We received quick delivery and installation of the structure and it has since met every expectation we had,” Buttrum states. He concludes, “We are very pleased with our building and it is working out great!”

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