Proton Power

Challenge – Versatile, mobile equipment coverage
Solution – Round HD Building
Size – 65′ wide x 85′ long
Application – Protect equipment from outdoor elements

Proton Power is a company founded with the vision of a more sustainable future. By creating a process that transforms cellulose, an organic compound found in the cells of plants, into diesel fuel and electricity, they have unlocked the key to a greener way of life. The Tennessee based company is using their patented technology as an economical method of harnessing this renewable energy source. According to Proton Power, their goal is to make clean energy cost-effective and more accessible to consumers.

The 14-year-old business, consisting of five locations and over 142,000 square feet of working space, needed a building solution to house one of their manufacturing processes. Sean Hensley, Purchasing and Human Resources Manager of Proton Power, stated, “We bought this structure so we’d have the ability to expand and for mobility if we needed to be able to move it around here on our 30 acre site.”

ClearSpan structures do not require the same foundations as conventional buildings, making them incredibly mobile. For example, ClearSpan’s sturdy Helical Anchors drill directly into the ground for a secure foundation that can remain in place permanently or relocate with the structure. Should Proton Power ever need to move their building, within the property or to a different site, they can easily transport the structure with its foundation and reassemble it in a short amount of time.

Proton Power utilizes a 65’ wide by 85’ long ClearSpan Round HD Building to house their woodchip crumbling process, which grinds the woodchips into a fine particle-sized material before it is run through a furnace to make diesel fuel. The structure protects the woodchip grinder from the outdoor elements, sheltering it from inclement weather and reducing unnecessary maintenance costs. There is ample room to fit the large machinery within the structure, creating a comfortable area for workers to safely move and operate within the space.

The ClearSpan Round HD Building also features excellent air flow, further promoting safety for workers. With constant ventilation in the structure, workers do not inhale the crushed woodchip byproduct that can be emitted into the air. Hensley stated, “It’s been very good for us, with the open airiness of it to help with airflow and the dust that is created through the process.”

Hensley enjoyed his experience working with ClearSpan to protect Proton Power’s investment. He said, “Our experience has been terrific. The price was great, delivery was wonderful, and we were able to work with ClearSpan’s engineers to make just the right structure for what we needed.”

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