Owens Corning

Challenge: Cost-effective storage building
Solution: ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size: 50’W x 110’L
Location: Wadsworth, OH
Application: Storage for finished goods

Mark Arnold is the sustainability leader at the Owens Corning plant in Newark, OH. This plant uses hundreds of thousands of pounds of recycled glass daily for their glass manufacturing processes. Arnold explains, “When the recycled glass gets wet from snow and rain, it creates delivery issues to our furnaces and requires extra energy to melt.” Arnold needed to find a building that would provide storage for this enormous amount of glass, and protect it from the elements.

“Owens Corning picked ClearSpan structures due to their durability, ease of installation and mobility. Due to the quality of the structures, there are no longer any issues with the recycled material getting wet, no matter what the weather conditions are.”

– Mark Arnold
Owens Corning has experienced increased efficiency and savings due to the addition of their ClearSpan buildings. According to Arnold, “The structures’ installation was smooth, with excellent technical support provided, and has proven to meet all of our needs.”