Lazy Acres Equines

Challenge – Lesson cancellations due to weather
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 73′ wide x 180′ long
Application – Indoor riding arena

The Green Mountain State distinctly offers Vermonters and guests alike the four seasons. With that luxury, however, are the extreme weather conditions, from humid summers to crippling chilly winters and everything in between. For Tim and Michelle Kingston, owners of Lazy Acres Equines, being able to sustain their equine business outdoors was becoming less and less of an option.

Established for nine years on a farm north of Rutland, the Kingstons teach horsemanship and provide professional riding lessons. “We specialize in the utilization of natural training techniques for developing communication,” explained Michelle Kingston. “Tim and I also provide an awareness of healthy biomechanics.”

Over the years, the Kingstons often found that due to weather conditions, be it cold temperatures or rain, the cancellations and subsequent rescheduling of lessons was impacting their business. After researching various building solutions, Kingston discovered ClearSpan Fabric Structures via its affiliate company, FarmTek. “When we started to track our cancellations, we found that 30 percent of lessons each year were lost due to adverse conditions,” Kingston added. “It was time to bring our business indoors.”

Lazy Acres Equines chose to purchase a ClearSpan building due to the overall quality and durability, and selected a 73′ wide by 180′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building. Since opening the new arena, Kingston has been pleased with the versatility and benefits of a fabric structure. “There’s been no wasted space,” stated Kingston. “Not only are we able to ride up against the walls, but we’ve added a few stalls for boarding, and also use the arena for our hay wagon to keep our supply dry during storms.”

The natural light and comfortable riding environment has been a pleasant experience for the Kingstons, as well as the horses. “We absolutely love how open and bright the arena is. It’s always very comfortable to ride in, because it’s been cooler inside the arena during the summer and warmer during the winter,” exclaimed Kingston. “The horses are happy and the bright, natural light during the daytime has saved us money on our electric bill. Overall, it’s working out very well!”

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