Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc.

Challenge – A large storage space with room to grow
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 65′ wide x 160′ long
Application – Storage

Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc. concentrates on engineering, manufacturing and construction in all areas related to power generation, water purification and process refining of oil and gas-related products. The company needed adequate space to maintain traceability and environmental control of their manufacturing materials at a manageable cost, and what they had was one small storage building that did not meet their needs.

“We utilized a small storage building for items that required climate control, with the bulk of items that did not require climate control stored on pallets outside in our yard,” says Glenn Garrison, manufacturing and facilities coordinator. “The size of the inside storage did not allow room for business growth,” Garrison continues, “and the outside storage of bulk materials caused increased business cost due to the amount of cleaning required on the materials. Maintaining an accurate inventory was both time consuming and costly.”

Garrison researched new storage possibilities that would allow the company to grow, and after friends within the horse industry recommended ClearSpan Fabric Structures, Garrison was sold on the company’s great customer reviews, excellent customer service record and the best product at the most economical cost.

While considering the company’s choices, Garrison viewed all the ClearSpan building options, as well as the shapes and sizes available, and was forward-thinking in terms of usability and pricing. This allowed the company to build a larger structure than they had originally planned, permitting even more growth potential.

Since August 2009, Garrison and Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc. have been utilizing a 65′ wide x 160′ long ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Building for all of their storage needs, and the building is working out wonderfully.

“The natural lighting is perfect, even on cloudy days,” says Garrison. “The inside temperature in the summer is a minimum of 10 degrees cooler, which is good when you have 100 degrees summer days we experience here.”

Garrison continues, “The ease of construction, the footprint versus the amount of usable space, the headroom to allow stackable shelving, the natural lighting reducing the installation and maintenance costs…what’s not to like?”

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