Home of Joy Farm

Challenge – Lack of indoor riding space
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 100′ wide x 210′ long
Application – Indoor riding arena

The Cronin/Mertz Farm in Lancaster, Ohio, has been passed down for generations in Douglas Cronin’s family, and was purchased by Douglas and Robin Cronin in 2005. The farm was a dairy operation until 1973 when it switched to beef and grain farming. Says Doug, “My wife Robin and I recently converted the farm from a beef operation to an equine facility. We soon found out that Ohio weather made it impossible to consistently train horses.” Douglas decided to construct an indoor arena and new barn to provide a better environment for year-round training and, most of all, riding.

Mr. Cronin set out to find the perfect indoor arena. He says, “I had seen ClearSpan Fabric Structures in various magazines, so I looked at their buildings along with a number of other manufacturer’s structures. I was very pleased with the quality of construction of ClearSpan’s Hercules Truss Arch Buildings.” Doug chose a 100′ wide by 210′ long ClearSpan structure for his facility’s new riding arena, which is attached to their 37-horse stable.

The building is working out well for the Cronins. Explains Doug, “Even though you are riding inside, it feels like you are outdoors because of the openness of the building. We also love the consistent light inside all day. I knew that the building’s natural light was going to be a selling factor, but I am amazed at how long we can use the facility without having to turn on the lights. That is saving us even more than I had originally expected in electrical usage.”

The entire equine facility at Home of Joy Farm turned out beautifully. At their open house celebrating their grand opening, Doug invited ClearSpan to set up a booth and discuss the arena with the more than 800 people in attendance. He says, “It was nice to have all of the vendors that had anything to do with the construction of our facility represented. ClearSpan has been great to work with during the entire process and I am very pleased with our decision to go with their building.” He adds, “It is so neat to see people’s reactions when they walk down the barn aisle and into the arena. You can almost always hear them gasp when they see the arena for the first time. The Home of Joy Farm equine facility is so nice and our ClearSpan arena is just the cherry on top!”

Adds Robin, “I’m so proud of my husband and his mastermind plan of how he wanted this equine facility constructed. He never does anything halfway. Doug wanted to fulfill a dream of mine to have a horse farm and he went far beyond any expection I may have had. Now family, friends and equine boarders can enjoy the dream,” says Robin. “Thank you to my husband and hats off to ClearSpan!”

For more information on Home of Joy Farm and their ClearSpan arena, email Doug Cronin at DCronin@n-focus.com.