Highlands county road & bridge department

Challenge – Storing supplies for emergency response
Solution – Metal Beam Building
Size – 40′ wide x 60′ long
Application – Emergency supply storage

Having started with the Highlands County Road and Bridge Department back in 2015, Operations Supervisor Chris Pruzinsky knows firsthand the importance of having an adequate storage facility. In the past, Pruzinsky and his team have had to rely on various buildings on their property, which failed to meet their needs and became an inconvenience.

Eventually, the road and bridge department decided to seek out a new building solution, so they could store all their supplies in one protected space and work more efficiently when responding to emergencies. As a member of Sourcewell, the county was able to choose from an extensive database of contracted building suppliers, where they discovered ClearSpan.

“We found ClearSpan on Sourcewell, which makes it easier to do business with a company,” said Pruzinsky. Sourcewell is a government agency that provides its members with cooperative purchasing contracts under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law. Through this process, businesses and municipalities are able to skip the bidding process, saving time, effort and money, while getting the building or product they need from a trusted, reputable source.

After conducting his search, Pruzinsky opted for one of ClearSpan’s Metal Beam Buildings, which are known for their strength, longevity and spacious interiors. At 40′ wide by 60′ long, the structure features no interior support posts, maximizing the department’s usable area for storing emergency supplies. “There’s way more room in here than the buildings we were using before,” said Pruzinsky. “It has improved our ability to respond to emergencies, like hurricanes, and it also frees up the space we were borrowing to be used for other applications.”

The road and bridge department appreciated the streamlined process of doing business with ClearSpan. Facilitated by Sourcewell, their entire project was expedited, and ClearSpan’s Building Specialists were able to provide them with a smooth, stress-free experience. “ClearSpan was a great company to work with,” said Pruzinsky. “They helped us in every way to get the job done right, even providing plans for the building and floor foundation ahead of time, which was very useful.”

For more information on the Highlands County Road and Bridge Department and their ClearSpan structure, visit www.highlandsfl.gov.