Good Hope Ranch

Challenge – Lack of indoor storage space
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 60′ wide x 120′ long
Application – Equipment storage and horse training arena

With Good Hope Ranch located on 40 acres of land in Athol, ID, Wally and Patricia Perry have ample room for their twelve horses and one stud. Still, they were lacking adequate covered storage space for their equipment and they also wanted to have an indoor area to train horses. Wally explains, “I have had good success training animals outside in a corral, but a building would let me work them year round.”

Deciding to add to their ranch, which they have owned for 35 years, Wally and Patricia were uncertain about what type of building would be best. They doubted the quality of the pole barns that are popular in their area and also felt that they were too expensive. On the way to a garage sale they found their inspiration. “We were coming up the road and we saw a fabric structure in the yard. My wife said, ‘Wally, there’s your building,’” Wally says. After speaking with the building’s owner, Wally called the fabric structure distributor she told him about. Surprised by the high price of their structures and their poor customer service, he decided to keep looking.

When the Perrys received a ClearSpan catalog in the mail, they were satisfied with the reasonable prices of the buildings. A 60′ wide by 120′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building with end walls fit their need for both storage and training space. “I’m so happy with it. I enjoy being in it.” Wally continues, “My ClearSpan building is stronger than the one that I was interested in from the other company. It’s a better building.”

The appearance of his structure is especially pleasing for Wally, as well as the brightness inside it during the day. “It’s a beautiful building,” he says. “Everyone I take inside loves it.” The lack of low trusses also makes it ideal for training horses.

Wally and Patricia are glad that they chose a ClearSpan fabric structure over the other options. Wally says, “I’m happy with it, my neighbors are happy with it…except for the ones who are a bit envious.”

For more information on the Perrys’ experience with ClearSpan, call Wally Perry at 208.755.1173.