Gary Knutson Farm

Challenge – Storage
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 65′ wide x 100′ long, 65′ wide x 140′ long
Application – Hay and equipment storage

For farmers who rely on hay to feed their livestock or to sell their supply to other farmers and local businesses, nothing is more important than preserving it in a dry area, free from the elements. Regardless of how hay is bundled, its nutritional value can be significantly compromised if exposed to damp environments. For Gary Knutson, owner of Gary Knutson Farm, outdoor hay storage was no longer a viable option.

Located in eastern South Dakota, the multi-generation family farm of registered Angus cattle endures weather of all kinds, which is why two design-build fabric buildings for abundant storage were in order. Knutson first heard about ClearSpan Fabric Structures through a FarmTek catalog, one of its affiliates. He quickly learned that the Hercules Truss Arch Buildings were the best solution to store hay and other equipment in a safe and reliable environment. “We’ve experienced a lot of snow and some very strong winds since the buildings were constructed, and there has been no damage,” explained Knutson. “Our insurance company also shared with us their compliments on the structural integrity of ClearSpan structures, as they told us they have previously denied coverage on fabric buildings made by other companies.”

The Knutson’s have been able to maintain the quality and value of their hay supply and protect it from Mother Nature’s wrath now that they have two buildings for bulk storage. They ultimately chose ClearSpan for its abundance of natural daytime light and structural steel frame. Knutson knew he made the right choice with the other benefits that ClearSpan has to offer. “Not only is their structural steel superior to other fabric structures I’ve seen, I’ve come to appreciate the clean look and low maintenance ClearSpan’s structures require,” stated Knutson. “The internal height for stacking the hay has also been exceptional.”

Given the multiple foundation options available to install a ClearSpan structure, the Knutson’s chose to pour their own concrete piers, but elected to have ClearSpan install the two structures, which combined offer nearly 16,000 square feet of usable space. In all, they appreciated the excellent work by ClearSpan, a company whose lasting impressions have been made on customers like the Knutsons for over three decades. “Buy from ClearSpan Fabric Structures with confidence,” exclaimed Knutson. “They work hard to make sure things are done right from start to finish.”

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