Five Star Performance Horses, LLC

Challenge – Very little indoor riding space
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 83′ wide x 116’8″ long
Application – Indoor riding arena

Five Star Performance Horses, located in Guilford, CT, is an all-around barn whose riders show on the Quarter Horse Circuit. The barn also has hunter and eventing riders. Erin Cecchini, owner and trainer at Five Star Performance Horses, realized that her business was growing very quickly and that more indoor riding space was needed.

Cecchini explains, “Before, we only had a very small indoor building, no bigger than a round pen. The business was growing so fast and I knew I needed something much bigger.” Since ClearSpan’s corporate headquarters are located in Connecticut, Cecchini had already heard of the company. After doing her research, she knew a Hercules Truss Arch Building from ClearSpan was the perfect choice. Cecchini says, “We chose a ClearSpan building because of the natural light inside and temporary nature of the structure. If our needs change, the building can be moved. Also, the maintenance on fabric structures is much simpler than that of a wood building.”

Cecchini is very happy with her decision and so are her customers. “Everyone loves the indoor arena because it’s big and bright inside. Most indoors are dark and dreary, so the natural light makes riding inside much more enjoyable. The building is also very pretty.” She notes, “This structure can also be used for things other than riding. During bad storms, we park our trucks and trailers inside to keep them out of the elements.” Cecchini shares, “My advice to other riders considering ClearSpan indoor arenas is to put big doors on both ends because it creates a great breeze. We tend to ride inside even during the summer months because it is so much cooler.” She adds, “There is absolutely nothing I would change about my arena. It’s awesome!”

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