Feed Commodities, LLC

Challenge – Lack of warehousing space for feed operation
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 100′ wide x 100′ long
Application – Warehouse and storage area

Feed Commodities, LLC is a feed and grain business located in Tacoma, WA. Run by President Jim Seley, the company recycles bakery by-products into animal feed for use in the dairy and poultry industries. In early 2009, Seley found that lack of space was becoming an issue, and needed to act quickly to take advantage of rising opportunities within the industry. “We needed a new building to add warehousing space so that we could introduce a new product to our end users,” Seley said. “We had a tight timeline to do this in, or we would have missed a great opportunity.”

With little time to spare, Seley began researching online for possible warehouse options. After landing on the ClearSpan website, Seley contacted other ClearSpan owners and found they were pleased with the product. After consulting ClearSpan, Seley purchased a 100′ wide by 100′ long Hercules Truss Arch building, and worked closely with the company to erect the structure in about 30 days.

“The building went up quickly and easily,” says Seley. “ClearSpan’s assistant construction manager did an outstanding job communicating and coordinating with our general contractor so that, when the crew arrived, everything went great. The crew was very professional and easy to work with,” he adds.

The structure is working well for the company, and Seley says the extra space has more than one advantage. “We are using the space for much more than anticipated. Apparently, if we have covered space, we will use it,” he jokes. “We converted the parking lot into a building without losing any of the parking lot functions,” he continues. “I can park equipment inside, but if I need the space for something else, I have a great covered space.”

The clear span, open interior allows ample space and height for material and equipment, and the natural lighting that filters through the cover is an added benefit. “I know everyone enjoys having more space,” Seley says, adding, “I find myself looking for opportunities to buy another building. ClearSpan was great to work with.”