Challenge – Inclement weather conditions
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 35’W x 100’L
Application – Covered arena for therapeutic riding

For one to have equilibrium is to be in a state of rest or balance. For the doctors and staff at Equulibrium, it’s about helping others to find balance in their lives through interventional therapies with horses. In business for 12 years, founder and director Dr. Giselle Faubel, Psy.D., and licensed physical therapist Dr. Jane Burrows, D.P.T., H.P.C.S., provide pediatric and adult hippotherapy, a treatment using the multidimensional movement of horses, as well as equine-assisted psychotherapy.

In the state of Florida, relying on favorable weather to conduct treatment in outdoor arenas became a burden, especially for their patients. “We faced many appointment cancellations, were forced to reschedule clients and suffered the loss of income due to unpredictable weather conditions,” Dr. Faubel explained. After researching several building options for an indoor arena, Equulibrium ultimately chose ClearSpan Fabric Structures for its low cost per square-foot design, but they instantly experienced more piece of mind for their patients. “For the price, ClearSpan was the best company to go with,” stated Dr. Faubel. “More importantly, our autistic and sensory-impaired patients noticeably start to relax when they are inside the building, thanks to no distractions and great acoustics.”

Moreover, the south Florida heat and humidity can produce some of the most oppressive conditions in the United States, but with ClearSpan’s high-density and UV-resistant polyethylene fabric cover, customers can expect cooler conditions in the summer and warmer temperatures in the winter. Patients and staff alike at Equulibrium noticed a difference. “Some of our patients have the inability to regulate body temperature,” said Dr. Faubel. “We’ve noticed that for those who are sensitive to heat, they are the ones who have benefitted greatly from our treatments in a covered structure.”

The investment of a 35’ wide by 100’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building from ClearSpan has been twofold. Not only have the economic benefits of a fabric structure versus a traditional wood or metal building come full circle, but the convenience factor for Drs. Faubel and Burrows, as well as for their patients, has significantly improved. “The building from ClearSpan paid itself off in six months because we’ve been able to operate regardless of the weather conditions,” explained Dr. Faubel. “We can now plan workshops in the rainy season and be certain that we will be able to run without interruption.”

To learn more about the services available at Equulibrium, as well as “Equus For Humanity,” their financial aid program for families with children with disabilities, please call 954.661.8586 or visit www.equusforhumanity.com.