CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp

Challenge – Keeping raw materials out of the elements
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 72′ wide x 120′ long
Application – Storage for raw materials

CTS Cement, located in Logansport, IN, is the largest manufacturer of fast-setting cement products called Rapid Set®. From the cement, they produce other fast-setting materials such as concrete mix and drywall mud. CTS is made up of two product plants that ship the cement to bagging plants. The bagging plants then formulate, bag and ship the various products to lumber yards and supply stores.

With increasing labor costs and issues with production, CTS decided they needed a building to store their raw materials. Explains Production and Quality Manager Craig Kline, “We have unpredictable and rainy weather. Our raw materials were being stored outside and we needed a building to keep them dry and usable as they will not feed or flow when they are wet.”

Jim Dalton, manager at CTS, received a ClearSpan catalog in the mail and decided to research the company online. After talking with a ClearSpan specialist and evaluating his alternatives, ClearSpan was clearly the best option for a low-cost materials storage building for CTS. The company purchased a Hercules Truss Arch Building which is now used to store clay and bauxite at their production plant.

Since the building has been installed, Kline has seen quite a change in the production process. He says, “The materials are now dry and feed through the hoppers without many problems. Before the building was constructed, the materials were wet and they would pack inside the hoppers. This required lots of extra poking and prodding trying to make the material flow.” He continues, “The building has really cut down on the labor involved with making our product. When the clay was wet, it would take an extra person to stay at the clay feeder and try to work the wet clay through the machine. Now, with our low-maintenance Hercules Truss Arch Building, the end product is more consistent because of the even flow of materials.”

For more information on how ClearSpan helped CTS Cement, contact Craig Kline at ckline@CTSCement.com.