Country Line Sue & Al Mensen

Challenge – Expansion
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 65′ wide x 80′ long
Application – Equipment and hay storage

Al and Sue Mensen’s morning starts earlier than most people’s. They are up before dawn to milk 75 of the 100 cows they raise. The dairy farm has been in the family for over 45 years. Al has worked on the farm his whole life, but recently took over the day-to-day management responsibilities from his father.

With a young family and a herd of demanding cows, Al needed to streamline activities. He explains, “I wanted all my machinery in one place, onsite. We were storing some key equipment at the neighbor’s place because we didn’t have a covered space to house it in. Anytime I needed to use some of this equipment, I’d have to run down to the neighbors and get it.

“We are really happy with our ClearSpan Truss Arch Building. We save on utilities. Even though we installed lights, we rarely use them. There’s light in our building all the time from sunrise to sunset. Even on a cloudy day you can work in it all day without lights. Everyone who comes inside comments on how bright it is. You’d swear you were outside.”

Al continues, “Having a door on both ends creates a nice breeze, a really nice place to work. Plus, it provides great ventilation for the hay. The only problem we have now is that we like it so much; I wish I had made it even bigger. It’s nice to know I can easily add on to it whenever we’re ready.”

For more information on how ClearSpan helped County Line Farms, give the Mensens a call at 563.590.5431.