Countryside Pullets

Challenge – Lack of storage space for chicken waste
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 83′ wide x 160′ long
Application – Poultry manure storage

Terry Tormohlen and his wife, Connie, purchased Countryside Pullets from Tormohlen’s father when he retired some years ago. They are in the business of growing replacement egg-laying pullets for a local facility. Tormohlen and his wife receive one-day-old chicks and raise them until they reach sixteen weeks of age, at which time they are moved to the facility.

For years, the waste produced by the pullets was picked up by local farmers to be used on their farms on the same day it was removed from the poultry buildings. Explains Tormohlen, “At times, it didn’t work for the farmers to pick up the waste that same day due to weather, holidays and more. We still had to take the waste out of our buildings, which became difficult at times.” Tormohlen knew he needed a storage building so that he could provide the pullets with a clean environment whether or not farmers were available to pick up the waste.

Tormohlen began looking into storage building options to solve this issue. He heard about ClearSpan Fabric Structures through one of their affiliate companies and was impressed with the quality of their buildings. Tormohlen decided on a Hercules Truss Arch Building from ClearSpan as his new waste storage structure. He is happy with many features of the building. “I like the structural strength, the openness and the light penetration. All of these are important to the way we use the building.” He adds, “It has gone through some very extreme weather in the form of wind, which didn’t even phase it.”

Pleased with the way the structure turned out and the service he received from ClearSpan, Tormohlen adds, “I recommend you immediately establish a relationship with the sales team. They will guide you the rest of the way, making it so much easier to decide on the size and style of building you need. Their knowledge is the best!”

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