Cedar Creek Sports Center

Challenge – Driving range unaffected by the elements

Solution – 36′ wide x 96′ long Premium Tall Boy Storage Building 20′ wide x 24′ long Storage Master Building

Application – Golf training center

Cedar Creek Sports Center in Mount Juliet, TN is owned and operated by Jim Schunk. Cedar Creek was started by his father in 1991 as a family fun center housing a mini-golf course, driving range, go-karts, batting cages, bumper boats and an arcade. In order to provide customers with golf lessons during the rain and cold, Schunk needed a driving range that could be fully operational, regardless of weather conditions.

Schunk says, “We wanted a private area that could be out of the elements and temperature controlled.” After researching his options, Schunk decided on two ClearSpan Fabric Structures because of the reasonable prices and their temporary nature. He notes, “The buildings are not considered permanent structures, so it was easy to avoid hassles involving city codes.”

Schunk is pleased with the abundant natural light the buildings provide during the day, as he is saving on the cost of light fixtures and electricity. Besides the easy installation process and heating options during colder months, Cedar Creek’s buildings have proven to stand up to even the worst of weather conditions. Schunk explains, “The buildings have gone through two major floods and withstood the strong water pressure with no problems.”

Before purchasing the ClearSpan buildings, Cedar Creek was not able to offer batting and pitching lessons. Now, they are able to offer baseball lessons, as well as provide a space for the neighboring Little League teams to practice during bad weather. Another added benefit of purchasing the buildings is the extra indoor space Cedar Creek has now. “We use the buildings for large group parties that would not have fit inside our main building,” says Schunk. Overall, he is very pleased with his decision. “ClearSpan offers excellent customer service and the buildings are working out great!”

For more information on how ClearSpan helped Cedar Creek Sports Center, visit www.CedarCreekSportsCenter.com.