Black Swan Farm

Challenge – Indoor arena for year-round activities
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 85′ wide x 120′ long
Application – Indoor riding arena

In the summer of 2013, David and Brenda Webster purchased a sprawling 36-acre piece of property in the northwest Columbus, Ohio suburb of Ostrander. The family, who is well-connected in the equine community, enjoyed riding their horse which was boarded at a local farm, for personal enjoyment. Prior to purchasing the farm, their horse was kept at an indoor facility, but the Websters quickly came to terms that during the oft-harsh winter months in a state bordering a Great Lake, they needed an indoor arena for their new farm.

“One winter without an indoor [arena] made me realize I couldn’t live without one,” Brenda Webster stated. After a recent site visit to another indoor facility in the area, she subsequently found ClearSpan Fabric Structures on the Internet. “It was the [natural] light and peaceful atmosphere that I loved most about these types of buildings,” explained Webster. “Since I show in ranch versatility, I like to keep my horse in shape year-round, and ClearSpan has given me the opportunity to do just that.”

Shortly after the 85′ wide by 120′ long Hercules Truss Arch Building opened, the Websters decided to start offering open arena time, clinics and lessons. “On the second Saturday of each month, the arena is available for open group riding time,” mentioned Webster. “During the second Sunday of every month, we are providing private mini-lessons to equine enthusiasts of all ages. We also decided to use white silica sand as footing, which is conducive for beach volleyball for my son and his group of friends.”

The 10,200 square-foot building was installed with three doors on the east end of the building. The versatility of a ClearSpan building, however, allows the Websters to add accessories, even at a later date. “The building is working out very well,” said Webster. “But to help with cross ventilation, we may consider adding one more door – this time at the west end of the building – since it’s currently a solid end wall.”

The ClearSpan building has fulfilled the primary objective of being able to ride indoors during inclement weather, especially in the winter, and has exceeded overall expectations. “The natural light that the building yields makes it very bright inside. When it rains, it’s quiet inside,” stated Webster. “Having a ClearSpan arena has allowed us to open the farm up for riding lessons, clinics, open arena time – and even some indoor beach volleyball for the kids!”

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