APAC-Missouri, Inc.

Challenge – Lack of adequate material storage
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Buildings
Size – Three 65′ wide x 60′ long
Application – Storing asphalt recycling material out of the elements

APAC-Missouri, Inc. is an asphalt, construction and aggregate company with locations throughout the state of Missouri. Owned by parent company, Oldcastle Materials, APAC encompasses operations ranging from concrete and asphalt paving to aggregate production. One of APAC’s functions is recycling used roofing shingles into asphalt material for use on highways and roads. The asphalt shingles are highly porous, and easily absorb moisture and radiant heat from the sun. Since APAC lacked storage space for the asphalt material, it was stockpiled outdoors, in full contact with the Missouri elements.

“We just had to pile them outside, and they were collecting a lot of moisture,” APAC Asphalt Plant Superintendent Robbie Freels says. Before the shingles could be recycled into usable asphalt material, complete removal of all moisture was required. This increased fuel and handling costs, and also added unnecessary time constraints to the process.

Freels spoke to several farmers in the Missouri area who had purchased ClearSpan Fabric Structures for use in their agricultural operations, and who recommended the durable, versatile buildings as a storage solution. With those recommendations as a stepping stone, Freels began exploring his options. After researching several companies that specialize in fabric structures, Freels decided to work with ClearSpan.

Freels commented on the high-quality materials, “The fabric and the size of the pipe looked a lot sturdier than other fabric buildings we were looking at.” He went on to state that the affordable price of the building was also a deciding factor.

The company purchased three 65′ wide by 60′ long Hercules Truss Arch Buildings for locations in Marshall, Columbia and Linn Creek, MO. All of the structures are currently being used to store the asphalt material out of the weather.
APAC built each of the structures on a 6′ concrete block wall, and got the most economical solution with almost 100% usable space inside. The structures cost less than a traditional wood or steel building, and the height was needed to allow access for trucks, materials and equipment. “We got the most space we could possibly get,” Freels says. “We pile the shingles up to the rafters.”

The ClearSpan structures store the material safely and efficiently, and Freels comments that the company may not stop with just three buildings. “We are extremely happy with the three of them, and we’re talking about purchasing a couple more to use for our quarry operations,” he says.