Adrenaline RC Racing

Challenge – Holding events regardless of weather
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 91′ wide x 130′ long
Application – Indoor radio control racing facility

Seth Hardison, a successful business owner who created a 6.5 million dollar trucking company, sold his business to pursue his own true passion, radio control (RC) racing. Two years ago he came up with the vision, and in September 2015 he executed his plan. A year later, he opened the doors to customers.

This new and unique production that Hardison has brought to life is called Adrenaline RC Racing. Hardison explained, “Adrenaline RC Racing was born from the thrill of participating in competitive RC racing. Our vision at Adrenaline RC Racing is to supply customers with products that will bring long lasting satisfaction.” Hardison wanted to help people develop a new hobby that brings a community together and encourages fun. He made that happen by bringing back racing to Winchester, Virginia.

In the summer of 2015, Adrenaline RC Racing was an outdoor track. However, with several participants coming from several hours away, Hardison and his colleagues realized they wanted to be sure they could hold events regardless of the weather.

This is when they came to the conclusion that he should purchase a structure that would cover the track, so in the winter people can still race in comfort. After doing some research on the internet, Hardison said ClearSpan was his only choice, because they provided the building he needed at a much lower cost than a steel building.

Hardison expressed that the purchase and the construction of the ClearSpan building was the best part of the project. He said, “We love that we have a clear span of 91 feet without any other support structures in the middle. We love that it is translucent. It makes driving the RC vehicles perfect, and it saves on electricity. We love that the curtain sides roll up. On nice warm days it’s perfect.”

Adrenaline RC Racing loves their ClearSpan building. With hopes that the maintenance will be easy, they are excited to see how their business improves with a sheltered environment. If you’re interested in the RC Racing industry, Hardison said, “Adrenaline RC Racing is a giant wide open space under-roof that will get your adrenaline pumping”.

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