Commercial Building Rentals Available On-Demand

Clearspan offers a streamlined rental service for quick solutions that are perfect for events, construction Building Rentals, storage solutions and much more.

Due to popular demand, ClearSpan now offers short-term commercial rentals for their famed fabric I-Beam Buildings. With low monthly rates and fast shipping and installation, ClearSpan provides a versatile and durable solution for operations in need of temporary storage, additional workspace or any other use. ClearSpan can customize all of their rental buildings with all the necessary tools and equipment, such as HVAC, racking, lighting, flooring and much more. A ClearSpan Building Specialist can help a customer every step of the rental process, from choosing the size and necessary equipment to setting up delivery and installation, ClearSpan handles it all. Request a quote today to get started on your operation’s ideal rental solution.

ClearSpan’s rental buildings are made with the same quality and are held to the same standards as all of their other buildings. ClearSpan’s rentals are supported by the incredible strong and sturdy I-beam frame. All of ClearSpan’s I-beam frames are constructed using durable steel. Covering the frame is one of ClearSpan’s signature fabric covers. ClearSpan’s fabric covers allow light to permeate through, resulting in a well-lit working space that does not require supplemental lighting during the day, saving on lighting costs.


  • I-Beam frame – Constructed from durable steel
  • Innovative fabric cover
  • Versatile foundations – Build almost anywhere
  • Available in widths of 30’, 45’ and 60’ and lengths up to 500’
  • Customize for operational needs – Outfit with required accessories and equipment


  • In-house installation
  • Quick and easy rental process
  • Affordable, money-saving options
  • One-stop shop for all structures and accessories
  • Expert consultation – Professional advice for any industry


  • Short-term rental solutions
  • Natural ventilation – Fresh atmospheres
  • Climate-sensitive covers – Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer
  • Ample usable space – Expansive interiors
  • Natural lighting – Reduce electrical requirements