ClearSpan Hoop Buildings And Hoop Shelters – As Low As $2.65 Per Square Foot

ClearSpan fabric Hoop Buildings are incredibly versatile, Budget-friendly structures that allow you to get the reliable coverage your need, without breaking the bank.

fabric shed mounted on storage containers
bulk material supply being stored under fabric hoop building

Since 1979, ClearSpan has been providing customers with the best hoop structures that can be used for just about any application. These structures are designed to offer the maximum amount of usable space at the most cost-effective price, while still remaining a reliable building solution. ClearSpan’s extensive line of hoop buildings includes hoop tents, hoop canopies, hoop building kits and much more.

ClearSpan Econoline Buildings – Just One Of Our Many Hoop Building Options

Econoline Price Econoline Truss Price
20’W x 30’L $1,895 50’W x 100’L $23,995
20’W x 40’L $2,395 70’W x 80’L $32,129
32’W x 40’L $3,395 70’W x 100’L $36,995
40’W x 60’L $7,795 70’W x 120’L $44,659

The ClearSpan Hoop Building And Hoop Shelter Advantage Includes:

  • Budget-friendly – Low cost per square foot
  • Clear span designs – No support posts, maximum usable space
  • Reliable coverage – Protection from unpredictable weather
  • Numerous foundation solutions – Build anywhere, relocate as needed
  • Natural lighting – No need for artificial light fixtures
  • Quick shipping – Easy installation
orange tractor being stored under portable garage tent

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