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Marine Storage Buildings

Exceptional Height, Economical and Versatile!

ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are a fast, cost-effective solution for large vessel storage, marine terminals, marine maintenance buildings and more. These indoor boat storage buildings offer a unique design with exceptional height, high sidewalls and extraordinary clearance. There are no internal columns to interfere with vessels, machinery or laborers — ClearSpan marine buildings offer you maximum usable space and ease of movement. Abundant sunlight filters through heavy-duty fabric covers, eliminating mold, bacteria and condensation. Climate controlled buildings with natural ventilation provide a dehumidified environment — one that is safer, healthier, pleasant to work in, and resistant to the harsh, corrosive marine elements.

Features & Benefits

Sustainable Building Features
Sustainable Building Features - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

ClearSpan's fabric covers reduce the need for artificial lighting, lowering energy consumption. With abundant natural daytime lighting, the interior of a ClearSpan structure is an inviting environment that ship builders enjoy working in. The covers' translucent and reflective qualities also allow for indoor temperature stability. ClearSpan buildings are climate responsive — staying cooler in the summer and warmer in winter, making them ideal for winter yacht storage.

Spacious Interior
Spacious Interior - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Due to the unique engineering of ClearSpan Fabric Structures, all of the indoor space can be used. There are no internal columns or support posts to interfere with boat building, marine repair or ship painting. Offering superior height and clearance when compared to traditional metal or wood buildings, ClearSpan marine storage buildings allow you to store large vessels inside and provide ease of movement, making ship building and painting easy.

Permanent or Temporary
Permanent or Temporary - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

While the high-quality construction of ClearSpan Fabric Structures creates a permanent building, the cost-effectiveness of these structures also makes them ideal for use as temporary ship cocoons, marine terminals or enclosures. They can easily be relocated or taken down and moved from port to port when necessary. Unlike wood or metal buildings, our buildings are engineered for versatility, and can easily be added on to if you should require more space.

Built to Last
Built to Last - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

ClearSpan's all-purpose Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are rugged. We use the highest quality USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing with unmatched rust and corrosion protection. Fabric covers have a patented weave that is lightweight yet exceptionally strong. Covers are also UVI treated and weather resistant for long-lasting use. ClearSpan's pre-engineered structures meet all wind and snow load regulations and carry an industry-leading 20-year warranty on covers and a 50-year warranty on frames.

Minimal Foundation Requirements
Minimal Foundation Requirements - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Costly concrete foundations are not necessary for ClearSpan buildings, whether for permanent or temporary use. Save money by installing a building directly on the ground with little to no site preparation. The flexible nature of our covers means that they can safely be erected on somewhat uneven surfaces. ClearSpan structures can also be constructed on asphalt or concrete, and you can add height to your building by putting it on shipping containers or concrete blocks.

Fewer Pests
Fewer Pests - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

There are no hiding places for rodents in a ClearSpan Fabric Structure, providing a clean and healthy environment to store, build and repair boats. The corner-free design, combined with natural lighting, creates an unappealing setting for nesting rodents, which will prevent damage they can cause to ships. With no traditional insulation or wood, there are also fewer insects in ClearSpan structures, reducing costs associated with exterminations and repairs.

Customer Success Stories
Building Profiles

ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are available in Round or Gable style. With building sizes available from 20' to 300' wide and in any length, your marine storage building can be designed to meet your exact needs.

40'W Gable - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
40'W Gable
50'W Gable - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
50'W Gable
60'W Gable - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
60'W Gable
83'W Gable - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
83'W Gable

The most popular sizes for marine storage facilities are the 40'W, 50'W, 60'W and 83'W Gable style. Click on the building profiles to view application pictures and more building sizes.

Ours versus Theirs

ClearSpan Marine Storage - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Traditional Marine Storage Building - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Maximum Usable Space

No interior support posts means large vessels can fit inside, making building, painting and maintenance easy.

Support posts and beams limit usable space and may prevent large ships from being stored inside or hinder building or repair processes.

Easy to Relocate and Expand

If you move, your marine storage building can be relocated; if you need more space, you can easily expand your fabric structure.

Permanent and inflexible! Cannot be relocated, eventually needs to be destroyed and disposed of; costly and time consuming to add on to.

Minimal Foundation Requirements

Can be built directly on the ground or shipping containers, eliminating the high costs of concrete footings.

Concrete footings and foundation can more than double costs and lengthen construction time.

Temperate Interior

Climate-responsive interior means building is cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter for ideal boat storage conditions.

Hot summers and cold winters increase the energy needed to protect boats from temperature extremes and keep ship builders comfortable.

In-House Financing and Installation Services

Installation Services - ClearSpan Fabric Structures Fleixible Financing Plans - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Customizable Features to Complete Your Marine Storage Building

Our commitment to you doesn't stop once your marine facility is complete. We can also outfit your entire operation with everything from doors and ends to lights and vents. Your expert Truss Arch specialist will work with you to find the right products to match your building's specifications and budget.

Additional Foundations - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Additional Doors - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Additional Ends - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Lights & HVAC
Additional Options - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Not only do we sell complete marine storage building systems, but we also offer a variety of products through our affiliated company, TekSupply, that will make managing your marine business more efficient.

Did You Know...

ClearSpan Fabric Structures can be changed or moved to suit your needs.

ClearSpan structures can be considered permanent or temporary, can be relocated if necessary, and are easy to add on to as needs change.

"Currently our plans are to raise funds and begin building a permanent facility in ten years. We are quite happy with our ClearSpan structures and want to either build around or reuse them as part of our permanent facility." - Jennifer Ney, Anacostia Community Boathouse Assocation

ClearSpan Fabric Structures saves you money on energy costs.

Abundant natural light limits the need for daytime artificial lighting. Temperature-stabilizing fabric covers reduce the need for heating and cooling systems.

"The natural lighting is perfect, even on cloudy days. The inside temperature in the summer is a minimum of 10 degrees cooler which is good when you have the 100 degree summer days we experience here." - Glenn Garrison, Lauren Engineers & Constructors, Inc.

ClearSpan Fabric Structures offer expansive interior space.

ClearSpan buildings offer a large amount of open space, with no interior supports, as well as high clearances.

"The height has allowed us to install mezzanine decks that have greatly increased usable space within the same footprint." - Keith Jones, Small Mine Development

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