Monoslope Building

Streamline any beef operation with this building that provides supreme protection and comfort to cattle, while also featuring plenty of workspace.

  • Creates a comfortable environment that cattle thrive in. Raise the healthiest cattle and promote higher gains and profit.
  • Plenty of space for housing, feeding manure management, processing and more.
  • Sloped roof with a back eave of 14’ and a front eave ranging from 25’ to 30’8”, depending on the size of the building.
  • The sloped roof design provides natural benefits. When the taller side is south facing, it allows the sun to warm the building in the winter and provides shade during the summer.
  • Front of the building features a 20’W feeding aisle.
  • Inside aisle allows livestock to be easily transported and features enough space for vehicles and equipment to be operated and maneuvered within the building.
  • The back wall has an adjustable curtain that can be quickly opened or closed to ventilate the building or protect livestock from inclement weather.
  • Floors are available in solid or slotted. Slotted floors have a manure pit that limits labor and bedding costs. Solid floor buildings have an extra 20’ of length for manure storage.


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