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Construction companies depend on expensive equipment to work on a daily basis and complete jobs. ClearSpan knows how essential this equipment is, and supplies construction companies with dependable equipment garages that offer year-round protection. Our structures can be tailored to your exact needs and space requirements, so even the largest equipment and machines can be stored in a ClearSpan building. The unique design features no support posts, so machinery and equipment can operate and move freely within the building. ClearSpan equipment garages provide natural ventilation, ensuring that moisture doesn’t accumulate and damage valuable equipment.

ClearSpan provides a worry-free way to protect your valuable investments, and can create a building that is ideal for construction equipment storage.

Yenney & Associates

-Homer, Alaska

Challenge – Space for manufacturing steel skids and miscellaneous storage
Solution – Hercules Truss Arch Building
Size – 55'W x 100'L
Application – Equipment manufacturing and repair, boat and sand storage

With the harsh weather that Alaska experiences so frequently, it’s no doubt that manufacturing companies in the state often require the shelter of an indoor facility to maintain their business. Read More

That’s exactly what CEO Fred Yenney III decided that his company, Yenney & Associates, needed. The company performs various building projects for the Department of Transportation and other government agencies, but they were experiencing difficulties carrying out their work with their existing facility.

Yenney explained, “Our company fabricates 25′ wide by 50′ long steel skids, and since we had just one small shop, we were only able to do this outside and strictly during summer months. We needed a structure large enough to house our equipment and activities, while allowing us to complete our tasks during any kind of weather.”

After discovering ClearSpan in one of their affiliate company’s catalogs, Yenney decided that a fabric structure was worth looking into. “Fred Yenney Jr., the owner of our company, personally visited ClearSpan’s manufacturing facility and was very impressed with the Hercules Truss Arch Building,” said Yenney. He decided that this type of ClearSpan structure would be the perfect solution for his company.

Yenney & Associates are able to use their building for a variety of uses. Yenney affirmed, “The spaciousness of the building allows us to do everything we need. Not only do we have room for fabricating the steel skids, but we also use it for equipment repairs, boat storage and, during the winter, sand storage for sanding driveways.”

Yenney is also impressed that the smooth fabric cover provides easy maintenance, especially with the regular snowfall in their area. He said, “The snow slides right off the top of the building easily, so we don’t have to worry about it like we would a traditional wood or steel building with a flat or slanted roof.”

“The building was quite easy to assemble and has turned out to be very nice looking,” stated Yenney. Pleased with his choice of building, he continues, “Normally, we would have had to order our skids from a steel fabricating shop. With the addition of our building, we have been able to fabricate six steel skids for three projects. Without our ClearSpan Fabric Structure, we wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

For more information on Yenney & Associates and how ClearSpan helped their business, contact Fred Yenney III at

Building Profiles

Our equipment garages come in fabric, hybrid and metal buildings, ensuring that no matter how you plan on using your ClearSpan structure, there is an ideal option.

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