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Mining & Exploration

Primary warehouse, shop or storage facility solution

Mining has been a major industry in the United States since the 1800ís, and continues to be an economic factor on a global scale. As the industry continues to endure high demand, the increase in exploration is rising. While miners explore and mobilize from site to site, the need for temporary fabric structures has never been higher. ClearSpan Fabric Structures, the industry leader in temporary or permanent tension fabric buildings, can be rapidly installed, quickly uninstalled and re-erected in a† matter of days, all while maintaining its strength and structural durability Ė traits synonymous with the mining arena. ClearSpan buildings feature natural daytime lighting and spacious interiors, providing a working environment with the utmost safety, and are ideal for mineral processing, as well as workshops, bulk supply warehouses, maintenance shops and commodity storage facilities. Continue your exploratory initiatives with an innovative design-built fabric structure thatís rugged and durable on any terrain and in any condition.†

Features & Benefits

The ClearSpan Advantage
The ClearSpan Advantage - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Coined as “Buildings of 1,000 Uses”, ClearSpan's tension fabric structures are made from triple-galvanized, structural steel tubing for the trusses and 12.5 oz., high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric for the cover. Manufactured with a unique, rip-stop weave, the fabric is also infused with UV-inhibitors, providing a comfortable working environment in all seasons. Also available in flame-retardant fabric, the material is light permeable, producing abundant natural daytime lighting, significantly reducing your daytime utility costs. With an industry-leading warranty of 50 years on the frame and 20 years on the cover, you can enjoy your fabric structure from ClearSpan for years to come.

Permanent or Temporary
Permanent or Temporary - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

The unique design of ClearSpan buildings allows them to be permanent or temporary, especially in the oil and gas sector. In an industry that calls for demobilization from site to site, no other building is easier to disassemble and relocate, all while maintaining its durability and integrity, like a fabric structure from ClearSpan.

Versatile Installation
Versatile Installation - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

ClearSpan buildings can be installed in a matter of weeks and at a fraction of the time and cost that it would take to completely erect a traditional metal or wood building. The Hercules Truss Arch Buildings can be installed using our Helical Anchor Foundation with minimal-to-no excavation required. Other rapid and economical installation options include blocks, piers and containers – even on the most extreme and uneven surfaces – providing added height and significantly more
usable space.

Spacious Interior
Spacious Interior - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

The innovative and durable design of a ClearSpan Fabric Structure includes a unique, spacious interior without support posts. Available up to 300’ wide and at any length, ClearSpan buildings can be designed for high clearance to accommodate, store and access large equipment and bulk supply, such as pipe, bar and sand sacs, in the safest of working environments.

Custom Accessories
Custom Accessories - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

For added security, add end walls and doors to your fabric structure. Man doors, fabric gathering doors, coil sheet doors or our ClearSpan™ Giant Bi-Fold Doors can be easily installed to accommodate the transport of large materials in and out of the building. Vents, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, lighting and heating systems can also be custom fit to any building profile.

Insulation Packages
Insulation Packages - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Are you working in the Bakken in January? What about the Permian Basin in July? Custom insulation packages are available and can be designed for any of our structures. For an ideal, climate-controlled working environment in the harshest weather conditions, let ClearSpan insulate your new structure, regardless of the application and location of your work site.

Customer Success Stories
Building Profiles

ClearSpan Hercules Truss Arch Buildings are available in Round or Gable style. With building sizes available from 20' to 300' wide and in any length, your industrial building can be designed to meet your exact needs.

65'W Round - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
65'W Round
73'W Gable - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
73'W Gable
85'W Gable - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
85'W Gable
100'W Gable - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
100'W Gable

The most popular sizes for industrial facilities are the 65'W Round style, 73'W Gable style and 85'W and 100'W Gable style. Click on the building profiles to view application pictures and more building sizes.

Ours versus Theirs

ClearSpan Industrial Building - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Traditional Industrial Building Building - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Easy to Relocate and Expand

If your site changes, your building can be relocated; if you need more space, you can easily expand your industrial building.

Permanent and inflexible. Cannot be relocated, eventually needs to be destroyed and disposed of; costly and time consuming to add on to.

Fast Construction

Can easily build up to 5,000 sq. ft. in a day, which results in lower construction costs and shorter timelines.

Our HD and Turnkey Buildings, pre-designed and low in cost per square foot, are on-hand for fast delivery.

Long construction timelines raise costs. It may take months for a building to be completed.

Abundant Natural Lighting

Light permeable fabric covers provide superior natural lighting, significantly reducing utility costs.

Dark, traditional buildings require supplemental lighting, day or night, increasing electrical costs.

Maximum Usable Space

No interior support posts mean equipment and vehicles can maneuver with ease, while also providing a large storage space.

Support posts and beams limit usable space and may make manuevering equipment and storing materials more difficult.

Minimal Foundation Requirements

Can be built directly on the ground, eliminating the high cost of a concrete foundation and expanding the number of locations where buildings can be used.

Concrete footings and foundations can more than double costs and lengthen construction time, while limiting the locations where buildings can be used.

In-House Financing and Installation Services

Installation Services - ClearSpan Fabric Structures Fleixible Financing Plans - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Customizable Features to Complete Your Industrial Building

Our commitment to you doesn't stop once your industrial facility is complete. We can also outfit your entire operation with everything from doors and ends to lights and heaters. Your expert Truss Arch specialist will work with you to find the right products to match your building's specifications and budget.

Additional Foundations - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Additional Doors - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Additional Fans - ClearSpan Fabric Structures
Heaters & Lights
Additional Heaters & Lights - ClearSpan Fabric Structures

Not only do we sell complete building systems, but we also offer a variety of products through our affiliated company, TekSupply, that will make managing your industrial business more efficient.

Did You Know...

ClearSpan Fabric Structures offers the fastest building solutions.

When you choose ClearSpan, you can have your structure installed in only a matter of weeks. ClearSpan buildings take as little as three weeks to produce and as little as three to five days to install.

"Having a shorter start-to-finish timeline always simplifies construction and seems to make everyone happy." - Steve Messina, Steel Dynamics

ClearSpan Fabric Structures can be considered permanent or temporary.

ClearSpan structures can be considered permanent or temporary, can be relocated if necessary, and are easy to add on to as needs change.

"One good thing about this building is that if we decide to relocate, the building can move with us." - Dave Richards, Martin Rubber Company

ClearSpan Fabric structures offer expansive interior space.

ClearSpan buildings offer a large amount of open space, with no interior supports, as well as high clearances.

"The height has allowed us to install mezzanine decks that have greatly increased usable space within the same footprint." - Keith Jones, Small Mine Development

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